viernes, 10 de febrero de 2012


    Peace Education in 3 main steps:
  • Becoming a Peace Maker (self-cultivation and sensitivity training)
  • Wide World of Understanding
  • Global Networking and Positive Action

    Seven Ideals of becoming a Peace Maker:
  • Self-understanding
  • Educated in global realities
  • Protector of Life
  • Skillful
  • Generous in spirit
  • Gratitude for Life
  • Beneficial action

    Ten Goals of a Peace Maker:
  • To cultivate one's personal abilities.
  • To grow beyond self-centeredness.
  • To abandon prejudice and hatred.
  • To promote understanding and compassion for the Natural World.
  • To stop the continuation of revenge, wherever it appears.
  • To look for ways to make a living which do not eliminate the chance for life of other species or human beings.
  • To communicate insights clearly through speech, art, broadcasts and publications.
  • To participate in nurturing true and wise democracy.
  • To offer personal talents and resources for the benefit of the suffering in the world as well as for the benefit of self, family and friends.
  • To help others who are finding ways for practical and sustainable living on earth.

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